Welcome to the Glades County Historical Society

The Society works to preserve the history of events and people who have shaped Glades County, Florida. We are headquartered at the Westergaard House, which is available for events. Click Here to see our Events Calendar or reserve space.

Don’t Miss Our Luncheon Fundraiser Friday April 5

We will be having our annual fund raising luncheon the first Friday of April, the 5th, this year. Lunch will be pulled chicken or pork sandwich, kettle fries, cole slaw and dessert. Call Julie, 863-946-2060, or Donald, 239-560-8448 for more information. Cost will be $5.00. You can eat at the Westergaard House, take your lunches home, or we will deliver them. Looking forward to seeing you then!


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Minutes, May 17, 2012

Meeting was called to order at 7;15 by Presideht Anne Coffee. Her first announcement was that we have to reorganize since board member and treasurer Al Schauseil died. Other than electihg new officers, we were not sure what that meant. Anne will make a phone call and further inform us at the next meeting.
We have an eleven hundred dollar CD which matures May 20, it was the consensus of the group to renew it and leave it there.
We voted to change the due date for dues to November (from January) to coincide with our club season, and our fiscal year.
Thank you letters need to be sent to donars who sent money in honor of Al Schauseil’s wishes. This month we received $90. These letters will be sent by our President. Julie Wigton, our secretary, will send thank yous to the Woman’s Club of Glades County, for the shower they gave.
Julie was assigned to call Orkin for an estimate on the termite situation.
We still need to have one of us to volunteer to inventory donated items of value that come into the society from people. This is to protect the Historical Society in case a dispute comes up with heirs of donars.
It was noted that people are using the house quite frequently, and how glad we are to be able to provide the community with such a valuable and needed facility, both privately for parties, and for community organizations to meet.
We are in desperately in need of a display case, glass front, lighted. If anyone knows of one for sale, please let us know…
Barbara Oeffner suggested Glades County Online Yard Sale, we had never heard of this. We will investigate.
With recent donations, we are now ready to buy the materials needed for a sprinkler system, and are looking for volunteers to help install it.
Donald Miles volunteered to repair the broken sign out front, and the group agreed to refer to the house always and “The Westergaard House” rather than by any other designation, to avoid confusion.
We voted to have a yard sale at the House on June 23, with a previous meeting on June 14 to make plans. A Block Advertisement was authorized in the Glades Democrat. Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 Julie Wigton, Secretary.

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Minutes, meeting of March 30, 2012

March meeting was called to order at 7:15 by President Anne Coffey. Five members were present. Under discussion was the lunch fundraiser on March 9. We all felt that we needed more help, more advertisement, more community signage, and we decided to try a different day of the week, as many people are off on Fridays, or have other plans. In general, the lunch was a success, the food was very popular, especially the kettle fries.
Among other business discussed was the need to get post cards to members about club news. No longer having a computer artist to do this, we felt someone should try to learn. Also, we need new business cards for officers, another service that used to be performed by Al Schauseil.
The Glades County Woman’s Club had a shower for the Westergaard House, the purpose of which was to donate items that are needed. Many wonderful things were donated and we are very grateful to them.
We decided that all dues will be collected and payable on January 1, from now on, instead of prorating them from the date each member joins the club.
Our president informed us that we are still waiting for our share of the Hendry County Historic Society’s money that is coming as a result of their disbanning.
Our president is going to call Orkin for an estimate on the termite eradication for the Westergaard House.
At 8:30 the meeting was adjourned.

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In Memoriam

In Memoriam Albert M. "Big Al" Schauseil July 20, 1919 - March 5, 2012 The Glades County Historical Society has lost a dear and treasured officer, friend and supporter with the passing of Al Schauseil, July 19, 1919 – March 5, 2012.
A Memorial Mass is scheduled for Monday, April 9, at 1 p.m. at St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Church, 1800 N. U.S. 27 N.W., Moore Haven, FL, 33471. A Celebration of Albert’s Life for all who attend will follow at the Glades County Historical Society’s Westergaard House, 270 Avenue L, Moore Haven, FL 33471.
Al served as Treasurer for the Society for 20 years, managed grant funding, produced all its flyers, newsletters, cards, helped with every fundraiser for the restoration of the Westergaard House. His contributions throughout the years are immeasurable and he is deeply missed.

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GCHS newsletter Jan 27 2012

January 27 2012

Hello to all Members, Former Members, and Future Members!

Glades County Historical Society needs your input, help, and ideas.

Our goal is to preserve the history of one of the oldest counties in Florida. This lofty goal includes saving houses and neighborhoods eligible for historic designation, preserving stories from our elders about their child hoods and struggles to live and raise families in this rural sub-tropical county. Each of you has a particular asset that can help, such as your favorite activity, what you like to do the least and most, and how you can help us with teamwork. To date we have had a dozen help us with the restoration of the Pieter Westergaard Bungalow-Style house, either with cash donations, elbow grease and hours of volunteer time. With your commitments, we can carry on this work indefinitely.
A perfect example of the dedicated volunteer is our Treasurer, Al Schauseil, who has taken care of our bookkeeping for many years. He is an expert on the computer, restoring old photographs, printing and designing our brochures, business cards, placards, and other advertising items. Mr Schauseil is now 92 and has worked for the GCHS at our beck and call.
It was Mr Schauseil’s original idea to offer the Westergaard House to any non-profit group for meetings and get-togethers free of charge. Individuals are welcomed to use the house for parties, showers, and meetings for a charge of $25. This covers maintenance and cleaning expenses. He also donated several antique items to help furnish the house. When we organized, he painted and sanded whenever we needed him. He has a caring family and is currently residing in South Florida. If you would like to contact him, call us for his number and address.
Our experience with all who have used the Westergaard House have been positive. One delightful mother had a tea for young girls that was a total success. In 2010 we changed our fund-raising barbecue from the front lawn of the house to a Friday lunch delivery. Local businesses loved it! Members provided home-made BBQ sandwiches pickles, desserts, sodas, and a delivery truck.
Nearly every Florida community whether large or small has a historic district. We have the perfect place for tourists to stroll along the river walk, enjoy Perry Park with its roomy gazebos and shelters and the newly created Agape Thrift Shop. This weekend you can attend the Glades County Library’s Art in the Park festival featuring local artists, food booths and music. What a perfect relaxing way to spend a Saturday and at the same time to provide support for your community.
The next meeting will be Friday January 27 at 7 PM at the Westergaard House. All are welcome. If you choose to join this energetic group, annual dues have been lowered to $15 for NEW members. We look forward to seeing you! Phone Julie Wigton 946-2060 or Anne Coffey at 863-801-5199. Our address is GCHS, P O Box 806, Moore Haven FL 33471.

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Delving into the-larger-than-one-would-conceive-for-a-Glades-County-WebSite, we learned that four, repeat, four properties are listed as certified historic sites in the County.
1 – The WESTERGAARD HOME is our favorite, of course.
2 – Put the COUNTY COURT HOUSE as number two.
3 – The DONNIE LUNDY HARDWARE STORE comes in as number three.
4 – The last (you find it) is the Red Barn. The RED BARN, ever hear of it? Very few residents have, even the oldest of the senior citizens says, “That’s a new one to me.”
“The Red Barn?”
“Tell me more!”
Just sit back and relax.

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The Red Barn is an historic building located on the Brighton Indian Reservation in Glades County, Florida. It was built 1941 with help from the Civilian Conservation Corps to serve the Seminole cattle business. It has a dirt floor and rests on a concrete block foundation. Its roof was replaced 2005 as a result of a Hurricane.

On December 24, 2008, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

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