Minutes, meeting of March 30, 2012

March meeting was called to order at 7:15 by President Anne Coffey. Five members were present. Under discussion was the lunch fundraiser on March 9. We all felt that we needed more help, more advertisement, more community signage, and we decided to try a different day of the week, as many people are off on Fridays, or have other plans. In general, the lunch was a success, the food was very popular, especially the kettle fries.
Among other business discussed was the need to get post cards to members about club news. No longer having a computer artist to do this, we felt someone should try to learn. Also, we need new business cards for officers, another service that used to be performed by Al Schauseil.
The Glades County Woman’s Club had a shower for the Westergaard House, the purpose of which was to donate items that are needed. Many wonderful things were donated and we are very grateful to them.
We decided that all dues will be collected and payable on January 1, from now on, instead of prorating them from the date each member joins the club.
Our president informed us that we are still waiting for our share of the Hendry County Historic Society’s money that is coming as a result of their disbanning.
Our president is going to call Orkin for an estimate on the termite eradication for the Westergaard House.
At 8:30 the meeting was adjourned.

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