Minutes, May 17, 2012

Meeting was called to order at 7;15 by Presideht Anne Coffee. Her first announcement was that we have to reorganize since board member and treasurer Al Schauseil died. Other than electihg new officers, we were not sure what that meant. Anne will make a phone call and further inform us at the next meeting.
We have an eleven hundred dollar CD which matures May 20, it was the consensus of the group to renew it and leave it there.
We voted to change the due date for dues to November (from January) to coincide with our club season, and our fiscal year.
Thank you letters need to be sent to donars who sent money in honor of Al Schauseil’s wishes. This month we received $90. These letters will be sent by our President. Julie Wigton, our secretary, will send thank yous to the Woman’s Club of Glades County, for the shower they gave.
Julie was assigned to call Orkin for an estimate on the termite situation.
We still need to have one of us to volunteer to inventory donated items of value that come into the society from people. This is to protect the Historical Society in case a dispute comes up with heirs of donars.
It was noted that people are using the house quite frequently, and how glad we are to be able to provide the community with such a valuable and needed facility, both privately for parties, and for community organizations to meet.
We are in desperately in need of a display case, glass front, lighted. If anyone knows of one for sale, please let us know…
Barbara Oeffner suggested Glades County Online Yard Sale, we had never heard of this. We will investigate.
With recent donations, we are now ready to buy the materials needed for a sprinkler system, and are looking for volunteers to help install it.
Donald Miles volunteered to repair the broken sign out front, and the group agreed to refer to the house always and “The Westergaard House” rather than by any other designation, to avoid confusion.
We voted to have a yard sale at the House on June 23, with a previous meeting on June 14 to make plans. A Block Advertisement was authorized in the Glades Democrat. Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 Julie Wigton, Secretary.

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