Glades County Historical Society
P O Box 806
Moore Haven, FL 33471

The Glades County Historical Society building is located at 270 Avenue L.

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  1. Linda Vivian says:

    I am interested in specific information about my great-grandfather, Daniel L. Lence. According to his obituary (Glades County Democrat, March 17, 1961, p. 4, c. 1) “He moved to Moore Haven in 1919 and was active in the formation of Glades County, serving Glades for several years as county judge. Mr. Lence was the county’s first elected county judge, have been preceded by the late R.C. Horne, who was appointed as first judge for the new county.” I would like to corroborate these statements through other documentation and would appreciate anything the Historical Society might have or recommendations as to where I might find something official that would satisfy an application for Florida County Pioneers. Thank you.

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